Get ready for an electrifying evening of adrenaline-pumping action at the Spring Twist Off in Grunthal, Manitoba on May 31, 2024!

The Twist Off Barrel Racing Qualifier is Free Admission (11am)

The Hanover Ag's Spring Twist Off presented by The Rental House - A High Paced Series Event evening performance is $30 admission. (7pm)

This year’s Spring Twist Off is presented by The Rental House and will feature a 10 barrel racer showdown during the Bullriding performance who will qualify to compete through the Twist Off Barrel Racing Qualifier. Combining the thrilling action of Bullriding with the finesse of Barrel Racing to create a unique performance sure to entertain!

Tickets are available for purchase online and at the gate for just $30, ensuring your admission to watch the Top 10 Barrel Racers and the heart-pumping action of Bullriding combined into a unique evening of exciting action! Kids aged 5 and under enjoy free admission, making it the perfect family outing!


  • 10:00am - Grounds Open

  • 11:00am - Barrel Racing Qualifier / Free Admission

  • 5:00pm - Gates Open /$30 Admission

  • 7:00pm - Hanover Ag's Spring Twist Off presented by The Rental House - A High Paced Series Event

  • Friday, May 31 2024

  • Keystone Agri-Motive Livestock Arena

  • Grounds open @ 10:00am

    Barrel Racing Qualifier @ 11:00am

  • Gates open @ 5:00pm

    Main show begins @ 7:00pm

Crossfire Bullriding



This year’s Spring Twist Off in Grunthal will feature a 10 barrel racer showdown during the bullriding performance who will qualify to compete through the Twist Off barrel racing qualifier. The Qualifier is an open entry barrel race that will be run ‘D’-style with a payout. The top 10 fastest barrel racers from the qualifier will move on to the bullriding performance with $1000 in prize money to be won. The top 2 will return at the end of the performance for a run-off for an additional $500. The Spring Twist Off combines bullriding and barrel racing for a fast paced, adrenaline rush of entertainment in an intimate setting with seats packed with fans!


The qualifier will be held the same day as the event, May 31, 2024 starting at 11am SHARP. It will be a ‘D’-style race and is open to all barrel racers – no membership required.

Entry Fee: $40
- $5 from each entry withheld for administration

The qualifier will be a 3D barrel race unless there are 50 or more entries, then it will become a 4D.

1 run only. Splits will be .7 and payout will be based on the number of entries and placings per D.

The top 10 fastest times will qualify for the bullriding performance.


The qualifying barrel racers will participate in the opening ceremonies along with the bullriders.
The top 10 from the Qualifier will run at the beginning of the performance for a chance to win $1000 split 60/40 between 1st and 2nd place. The top 2 from there will run again at the end of the performance for a ‘winner takes all’ $500 cheque!


The goal of the qualifier is to have the Top 10 be 10 individual riders to move on to the performance.

  • An individual may only qualify once for the performance. If an individual places in the top 10 in the qualifier more than once, they will be considered qualified on their highest placing horse.
  • If an individual places a 2nd time in the top 10 in the qualifier (or further subsequent placings should they be running multiple horses), that qualification will be forfeited and rolled to the next placing.
  • Contestants must compete in the performance on the horse they qualified on.


  • The pattern is run in a cloverleaf, either to the left or right barrel first. The pattern will be set best suited to arena conditions. Keep in mind, the pattern will be smaller than standard races due to the bullriding setup but will be set appropriately for safety.
  • The barrel race will be timed by electric eye with manual backup. The manual backup time will be used in the event of a timer malfunction. No reruns will be given in the case of a timer malfunction.
  • In the qualifier, knocking a barrel will result in a no time. In the bullriding performance, a knocked barrel will result in a 5 second penalty.
  • In the qualifier, the arena will be raked by quad at intervals deemed appropriate for arena conditions and announced at the event. In the performance, hand rakers will rake the barrels between each run.
  • Full western attire is required for the performance. Western attire is defined as western boots and jeans, cuffs and collar western shirt and cowboy hat or helmet.
  • There will be no penalty for losing your hat.
  • Circling in the arena will not be permitted.
  • Contestants must complete their runs at competition caliber. Contestants may only pull up for safety or injury concerns.
  • A contestant’s run will be disqualified for going off (breaking) pattern.
  • A “leader” horse may not enter through the gate when helping a contestant get into the arena.
  • The “3 call rule” will be enforced. Contestants must enter the arena within 60 seconds of being called and will be given 3 calls. After the 3rd call, a contestant will be rolled and no re-runs will be permitted.



Entries are accepted online ONLY at Crossfirebullriding.com and entries must be received by May 30, 2024.

Office hours will be posted prior to the event. Entry fee payments to be made in cash only. All settlements on entry fees must be completed by 10:30 am May 31st at the office.

Qualifier draw will be made by random selection. The top 10 and top 2 will run from slowest to fastest during the performance.

We will not guarantee exact spots in the draw or number of horses between multiple entries but we will do our best to accommodate sufficient space between multiple entries.

Payout for the qualifier will be done in cash following approximately 30 minutes following the race. The number of entries and number of placings per D will determine the payout structure.

Payout for the performance will be completed and presented by Crossfire Bullriding following the

Qualifier payouts must be collected in person at the event when they have been made available. Any unclaimed payouts will be forfeited. We will not send any unclaimed winnings to contestants after the event. No exceptions. If you cannot claim your payout in person at the event, you may have someone claim it on your behalf. We are not responsible for any payouts given to another person on your behalf once they have left our possession.


Hanover Ag Exhibition Park
153 Southwood Drive, Grunthal, Manitoba


Barrel racing contestants will enter the Ag grounds through the Oak Avenue Entrance. Parking for
trailers will be the grassy area between and behind the soccer fields.


All contestants must agree to the event’s terms and conditions and waiver agreement included on the online entry form. The terms and conditions, hold harmless agreement and liability waiver for this event are binding. If you do not agree to and sign, you will not be permitted to compete.


Any of the following actions may result in suspension or disqualification from this event.

The Rocking W Barrel Racing Productions and Crossfire Bullriding event organizers will not tolerate any form of misconduct and the consequence for any of the following may result in disqualification from this event. Including the following but not limited to:

  • Using abusive, racist or offensive language in any capacity by any individual competing in or attending this event.
  • Attempting to threaten, bribe, influence or harass any Rocking W Barrel Racing Productions or
    Crossfire Bullriding official or volunteer, Hanover Ag board member or volunteer, sponsor, contestant, family of contestant or community member.
  • Abuse of a horse in any way is strictly prohibited! Reasonable use of tack and equipment, whips,
    crops, over-under’s and spurs is allowed but any excessive use will be addressed accordingly and can result in disqualification at the event producer’s discretion.
  • Competing under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated.
  • Any other conduct that is not in the best interests of the event, Rocking W Barrel Racing Productions, Crossfire Bullriding, Hanover Ag, sponsors, competitors, their horses and spectators or community members.

Dusty van der Steen – Rocking W Barrel Racing Productions
204-436-2616 or 204-750-2483

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